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About Great Leaps Digital Reading Intervention

Great Leaps Digital Reading Intervention is the same effective Reading Fluency Program remastered as a web application for any internet-connected device. Great Leaps Digital provides features, such as automatic charting and word counting, to make the program even more user friendly than before! No download is required, and you won't have to pay for updated versions!

Thousands of teachers, tutors, interventionists and parents have trusted Great Leaps as an effective reading intervention. Now with Great Leaps Digital, taking your student to an independent reading level is even easier than before!

Why Choose Great Leaps?

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New Digital Features

Touch-screen error counting makes it easy to track and review mistakes made during your timing.

Touch-screen word counting virtually eliminates mistakes in the data and makes the program even easier to use than before.

Automatic Charting decreases the time you spend with your attention away from the student.

Probe Tracking highlights the probes your student is working on for that day's session and automatically skips a probe if your student makes a goal on their first attempt.

Cross-Platform Capability means that you can access the program from any internet connected device.

Unlimited Access means that any updates and additions to Great Leaps Digital Reading Intervention come to you automatically and at no additional charge.

Student/Teacher Connectivity links together two separate devices, allowing the teacher full access to all features while the students see only the probes they are working on, which increases their focus.

Student Sharing allows teachers and administrators to delegate varying levels of student access between accounts.

Advantages to Going Digital

No shipping and handling expenses.

Loyalty perks means that as Great Leaps Digital grows, you keep your original subscription price even as the price of the program changes for new customers!

Unlike other digital programs, Great Leaps Digital involves an instructor to implement the program and provide the essential encouragement and confidence-building that most students require.

Thanks to its Cross-Platform Capability, most parents, schools, and private tutors already have the devices needed to implement this program.