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Great Leaps Digital Reading Intervention

Fluency & Comprehension

Develops fast and accurate reading with full comprehension of material

Fun & Motivating

Continuous positive reinforcement alongside engaging material brings huge improvements in motivation, confidence and behavior

Easy & Effective

15 minutes a day, 5 days a week brings an average of 2 years of reading growth in the first semester

Digital Reading Intervention

  • Uses proven instructional methods paired with powerful motivators to solve a variety of reading problems
  • Well recognized for over 20 years as a premier research and evidence based reading intervention
  • Targets K-12 students reading below the 4th grade level who struggle with fluency and comprehension
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The Results

  • Our students have averaged a full year of reading growth with just 22 hours of instruction
  • Parents and teachers report a decrease in behavioral referrals and academic frustration in the home
  • Fluent reading generalizes to improvements in all other areas of academics and standardized testing
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"My Child is excelling, and looks forward to his next steps in education in middle school. To say Great Leaps has changed my son's life and future is an UNDERSTATEMENT... Just think, a child's success in life can be directly impacted by this program in only fifteen minutes a day!"

- Carolynn K.
 Reisterstown, Maryland

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